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Lihi Arasi
Headhunting and Career Guidance

Focus and celebrate  your whole story

The emotional aspect of our career is often overlooked, yet it unconsciously influences our focus. Whether it's an individual or an organization, I always aim to gather answers that can help me guide people and processes toward providing their needs.

I try to get the story behind three questions: What, How, and Way.

It may sound like trivial questions, but they are a way to reveal your emotional system and connect it to the essence of your occupation.

Don't believe me?  just think how tense you are when asked to answer a simple question such as Who am I, first to yourself and then to others?

I try to understand what you are good at, what you love doing the most, and what you want to continue learning and developing yourself in.

I believe that having the answers to these questions can help individuals and companies achieve their goals and contribute to the betterment of others. It all starts with understanding our emotional state, the hidden goals we try to gain, and the stories behind our words when interacting with ourselves and others. When people understand themselves better, they are more open to understanding others. They can combine their strengths and talents to create a better world.
That's why we must talk about it!
You can try to get insights by yourself; however, if you feel like getting a fresh yet penetrating perspective, we can do it together for you personally, your team, or your managers in your company. 
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