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Lovely to E-meet you :)

I'm a woman of YES!
I always expect the unexpected, and
I see myself as an artist and storyteller.

For the past 15 years, I've immersed myself in the professional realm, owning a company that offers external HR and Recruitment services. I've done everything from headhunting to guiding managers in their new roles, from training recruitment teams to emotionally connecting personal stories with careers.

If you delve deeper, you'll discover another side of me: a playwright and Actress. I've created a one-woman play called 'Bereshit Hayiti Ani,' which draws inspiration from my childhood narrative.

My journey doesn't fit the conventional mold, whether you're looking at it from a personal, professional, or academic perspective. At some point, I understood my purpose: to explore and communicate career and business stories and to share anecdotes from my experience.

In my field, thousands of professionals possess the expertise, yet only one individual bears the unique qualities that define me. It is a matter of having a distinct touch, an essence that is genuinely my own. It is not about seeking external validation or attaining tangible achievements. Instead, it is a sense of worth, an unwavering belief in the value I bring to the table.

The inherent confidence that I possess is what I aspire to teach others. It is a deep-seated conviction in my innate abilities that transcends mere recognition or acknowledgment by others. By instilling this profound sense of self-assurance, I aim to help others recognize and embrace their unique qualities and capabilities and reach their fullest potential.

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