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Lihi, thank you so much for the guidance throughout my job search. Looking for a job is not an easy task - it requires a great amount of focus, determination, and above all, positivity. And yet, doing it under your guidance has made this process not just better, but even meaningful and empowering.

I think that, as a career coach, you bring the perfect balance between being super authentic and kind, and at the same time, professional, assertive, and very much to the point when it comes to the important elements that should be considered when looking for a job. I appreciate it very much.

I came into this process with a general idea of what I wanted my next professional phase to look like, and you have helped me to refine it more and more as we went along in the process. I could not have been happier with the end result...

Thank you again Lihi. And to all of you who are looking for an expert to guide your job-seeking process, you have found her - Lihi is your gal!

Lia Kohelet, Actuary Data Analyst

Ready, Set, Impress!

Stepping into an important meeting? Whether you're gearing up for a pivotal job interview or preparing to negotiate a salary rise, our tailored preparation session ensures you make a lasting impression.

What can we do together:

  • Precision-Focused Coaching: Dive deep into the specifics of the position or organization. We provide insights tailored to your unique meeting, ensuring you have all the relevant knowledge.

  • Personalized Strategy Development: We analyze your strengths, potential questions, and the unique nuances of your situation, crafting a strategy that positions you in the best possible light.

  • Boosted Confidence: Our session isn't just about information; it's about building your confidence. Walk into your meeting knowing you're at your peak, both in preparation and self-assuredness.

  • Outcome Optimization: We aim to sharpen your focus, align your goals with your presentation, and ensure you're at your best, maximizing the chances of a successful outcome.

Take control of your future with our dedicated session. Elevate your chances, leave a mark, and step closer to your desired position or the compensation you truly deserve.

Book a session with us today, and step into your meeting with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

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