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How far would you be willing to go to get to know yourself?

Just when it seemed that I had managed to leave the past behind with a glorious family, a thriving business, and a following of fans,
The girl in me closed in on me and demanded hers, and I woke up to find out that the one pulling the strings and managing things had always been her.
And so, she takes me in a safe hand through the memories of an addicted home, the feeling of transparency and loneliness
And on the side that I set out, the belief that I will always make it.

The core skills I developed as a child help me every day at work, facing tasks, deadlines, and performances I must show. These are not skills acquired in the academy; I would almost certainly not receive an outstanding dean for any of them. And yet, they are the ones who helped me pass through walls and ceilings. ​ The show is suitable for employees in organizations, associations, and groups. Strengthens values ​​of belief in abilities, changing perspective, and bringing vision into focus. The show can be booked inside

the organization's facilities or online as a multi-participant Zoom show.

Writing and acting: Lihi Arasi

Text editing, dramaturgy, direction: Gal Aviv Calderon

Photography: Nitzan Dror, Dana Philo

"ליהי יקרה, תודה על הופעה מדהימה, חזקה ומרטיטה היום בצוותא. את אמיצה וחזקה כל כך. ואוו. עברתי גם ריפוי דרכך. מגיע לך המון, את מופלאה."

Heading 2

שרון שימקוביץ, מנהלת משאבי אנוש

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